Grounding Box

Currently, everybody is happy and using mobile phones, Wi-Fi, LED-lights and many other electronic devices based on switching power supplies.

For this reason, the electromagnetic pollution has never been so high!

All of these create some Electromagnetic interference.

Electromagnetic interference generates unwanted noise that reduces drastically the performance of your Audio/Video setup.

That applies not only to hi-end systems but also to mid-level hi-fi systems.

The Faber’s Power Solution

Many years of research on this field, brought Faber’s Cables to develop a new and original concept of grounding box.

Often, “active power conditioners” create more problems of those that they were supposed to solve. Classical passive filters, like isolation transformers and/or AC capacitors, are not sufficient to purify the full spectrum of noise affecting the ground path (and often limit the dynamic!).

The approach followed by Faber’s Power offered outstanding results in this field, using a compact hybrid design that deeply absorbs unwanted noise out allowing the noise floor to be lowered.

Size: L35xW25xH12 cm

Weight 14 Kg


Dear customers, thank you very much for choosing one of our product for your audio setup.

We are sure our product will be able to offer you a pleasant upgrade to your existing setup.

In order to obtain the best performance of our product, we kindly ask you to read this short note below.

Faber’s Power Grounding Box can deeply absorb unwanted noise out allowing for the noise floor to be lowered.

Noise such as Electrostatic discharge ( ESD), Radio frequency interference ( RFI ) and Electromagnetic interference ( EMI ) as well as High-frequency noise, thus releasing hidden audio details which were being covered by the noise before.

What is included in the Box?

Our “Grounding Box System” is composed by:

1) One Grounding Box (approximately 35x25x12 cm);

2) One “drain” power cord;

3) Three Ground cables with different terminations (e.g. Spades, RCA or XLR).


1) By using our Grounding cables connect the Grounding box to a negative signal grounding point like an RCA/XLR socket or a chassis screw.

2) Our Grounding box has 3 Binding post, and you can connect 2 groundings cables for each Binding post, so for a maximum of 6 components.

3) Connect the “drain” power cord included, to the Faber’s Power Grounding Box, IEC plug on one side and to a main power outlet on the other side (the main power outlet must have the Earth wire). Make sure to use only this drain wire and do not connect any other type!

Finally, enjoy the very best that your Audio/Video setup can offer.

Please consider also Faber’s Cables Interconnect wire and Speaker wire as a final step for your system.