La Potenza

La Potenza is our top-range power distributor offered; it represents the evolution of our research towards the high quality associated with Italian design.

La Potenza power distributor is a product made without compromise and has the aim of achieving the highest quality and performance.

A cool design, with nice finishes, make it easy and pleasant to place in any home environment.

The chassis consists of three parts, the upper part, the intermediate body, and the bottom.

All the parts fit together and assembled without the use of visible screws.

The upper part is treated with metal oxides and finely brushed, it is available in 5 different finishes:

Silver – Italian Red – Blue Padua – Champagne – Black glossy

The intermediate body and the bottom base are both treated with metal oxides with a matt-black finish.

Four feet made from stainless Steel and decoupled through the interposition of an O-ring are screwed onto the bottom of the Power Distributor provides stable support with very efficient isolation against vibrations.

Is made starting from a solid block of aircraft aluminum alloy, milled by a five-axis CNC machine;

The internal structure has a very special path of the conductors with a complex design that renders them immune from electromagnetic interferences, totally isolating them from the effects of the EMI-RFI.

Each Power sockets is wired point to point and they are separated from each other.

Thanks to the material used combined with a clever internal geometry that produces a very good noise rejection action, it allows not to use any electrical components on the current path, avoiding the possible decrements of dynamics produced by common filtering.

The internal wiring is made using thick Silver-plated OFC Copper with PTFE-insulated conductors responding to military specifications.

The internal wiring structure is made with a complex star wire geometry.

For La Potenza we have used the best connectors possible, that ensure the maximum electrical conductivity possible.

The six Schuko mounted are Oyaide SWO GXE and for the IEC an IeGO AC-01 (Ag-Rh).

What makes the power distributor La Potenza a unique object and be destined to be used in high-end audio systems is the sonic performance offered.

Once connected to your system, increase the soundstage in the three-dimensions, a black background combined with a sensation of increased dynamic with an increase in transparency.

The dimensions are 18x27x6 cm.

Weight 5.8 kg